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TRACING MOVEMENTS – 2 short films plus workshop. 7.30pm, Sunday 27 October, Star and Shadow Cinema, Stepney Bank, Newcastle, NE1 2NP. ‘Emerging Solidarities’ recounts the story of a group of Senegalese migrant workers who worked on a tomato plantation in the west of Greece. The workers were owed wages – they organised a hunger strike, built alliances, and the struggle grew… ‘The Invisible Workforce’ is a short film about the circumstances and struggles of seasonal workers in Southern Italy exploring efforts to organise and barriers to resistance. TRACING MOVEMENTS is a collaborative audio-visual research project, documenting political resistance against a Europe which attempts to stop, filter, select and control the movement of people across and within its borders. Against the backdrop of another capitalist crisis, a number of self-organised migrant struggles and solidarity movements have emerged and developed. The Tracing Movements Collective traveled across Greece, Bulgaria and Italy with a mobile cinema unit, documenting a number of struggles. This method of meeting and exchanging experiences through film and debate was the basis for the audio-visual material gathered. Sylvie from Tracing Movements will introduce two documentaries from the project, plus a workshop on the project’s themes.