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Welcome Bags

During Refugee Week we launched our “Welcome Bags” scheme, which is a great way to get involved and spread some welcome!

The aim of the scheme is to allow organisations, schools, community groups and anyone who is interested in making Newcastle a welcoming place, a practical way of doing ‘something’ to Welcome new arrivals to our City.

All bags should contain information including where to access services, hate crime information, and Health Access Cards (there is a list of the core leaflets available).

As well as the core leaflets people can be creative and add different things to the bags to make them unique – this could be welcome cards or letters, toiletries or other basic goods.

The bags are coordinated through Newcastle:City of Sanctuary and are available for any group that would like to be part of the scheme. The bags can be given out through organisations that work with new arrivals, or passed on to City of Sanctuary to distribute.

If you are interested in being part of this, or would like any further information, please get in contact 

Email:   [email protected]

Phone or Text:   07855 522 907