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Arts and Sanctuary

A story illustrating the powerful role that Arts can play in Sanctuary.

Zarrha* and her 2 children joined her husband via family reunion to the UK in December last year. Zarrha was a teacher in Iran and is keen to restart her career now that she is settled in the UK. She was also keen to get involved in local groups and she joined an online art class called ‘Bensham at Gate Side’ – her art work is displayed on exhibition there now.

Zarrha describes attending the class and the art work that she produced as being really important to her, both in terms of raising her confidence and also making her feel like her life in the UK is a success. She has aspirations to have her own gallery in the future and be an art teacher.

There are some amazing organisations supporting artists seeking sanctuary in Newcastle – including Newcastle’s very own Studio of Sanctuary based at D6: Culture in Transit – and there is ongoing development to promote this to more cultural and arts venues and organisations in the city including through the work of D6’s Sanctuary and Culture Network . To find out more, please contact Andrea Carter: [email protected]

You can see more examples and ideas related to this in the attached Arts and Sanctuary resource pack.