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Refugee Week 2022 – Schools of Sanctuary

It has been fabulous to see so many events happening to celebrate Refugee Week 2022.

There were all kind of events on offer and through the Schools of Sanctuary Network lots of ideas, resources and creativity was shared.

You can read about one of the events that took place at Wingrove Primary School, one of the city’s recognised Schools of Sanctuary, below:

Forest School activity for school councillors 

During Refugee Week, we extended an open invitation to all schools applying for the Schools of Sanctuary award to join us at Wingrove for a Forest School activity. 

West Walker Primary and St Catherine’s Primary brought a few of their school councillors and, together with our children, they worked as a team in building shelters. They were provided with a few materials but had to also use their own initiative, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills to make sure the shelters can protect them from a variety of uncontrollable factors. Most of them passed the ‘Rain’ test brilliantly but more importantly, they managed to reflect on this activity and see the connection to Refugee Week. 

We finished our session enjoying some cool milkshake and agreed that even though we made friends, it was a fun activity for us, this is the reality for refugees and asylum seekers, having to leave everything behind and finding safety and home in a totally new country. 

We discussed what more could we do to support them and any new students that might join our school and we are looking forward to working with their schools again in the future. ”