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The past few months have seen a heightened international focus on the refugee crisis in Europe, including the mounting tensions at Calais.  We’ve received many requests from people asking how they can be of help to these asylum seekers.  One group which we are connected with that is striving to make a difference is North East Solidarity with Calais Refugees on Facebook.


The group’s description is as follows: “It is so easy to feel helpless as we look on at the plight of the increasing number of people in ‘the Jungle’ in Calais, people fleeing conflict and poverty from across the globe. The conditions in Calais are desperate and the people there are in dire need of our help. These are fellow humans and could easily be any one of us. We have so much and we have the capacity to give. Rather than look on helplessly, we need to take action.

This group has been set up to organise collection of items from the North East to be distributed in Calais.

We will share information about what is needed, collection points and the trip we are planning in early September.

We are relying on your goodwill and support. Whatever you can give, be it donations of items that are needed or your time as volunteers will be gratefully received.

Thank you so much. We know this region has a heart and we will show that by reaching out to people who the press and the government would gladly demonise. We are better than that and we will make a difference, however small.”


If you wish to learn more about how to help those currently in “the jungle”, join North East Solidarity with Calais Refugees.  Your support can make a difference in the lives of those seeking sanctuary in the UK.